Monday, October 10, 2005

I'm posting a link of all known Avengelical/dominionist groups who are specifically:

a) either blaming/targeting NOLA victims or
b) more specifically have made statements to the effect that Hurricane Katrina is "God's wrath" or otherwise some form of divine retribution or "cleansing" of the NOLA area.

I am wishing to document this because, among other things, much press is given to Islam's version of Avengelicals and Iraqi insurgents claiming Katrina is God's Wrath, but very little on our *own* Avengelicals in the US claiming the same thing. I think it'd be enlightening if people could see waht they are stating publically or what has come out (in regards to what is being said in their own flocks).

Needless to say, what is being said to their own flocks and what isn't making the press is probably worse.

Anyways, the list:

Main Hall of Shame:

American Family Association
Has claimed that Hurricane Katrina is divine retribution against state for, among other things, allowing drag shows, the mere existence of Mardi Gras and Bourbon Street, and toleration of practitioners of Voudon:
Also is encouraging "dominionist shadow economy" alternatives to groups like that require validation that the refugee is a fellow dominionist/Avengelical: (mirrored at

(The American Family Association is a well-known dominionist group. Presently under investigation by Southern Poverty Law Center for possible listing as hate group.)

Fred Phelps d/b/a Westboro Baptist Church
Has claimed that Katrina is divine retribution for tolerance of gay/les/bi/trans individuals:

(Fred Phelps is the infamous godhatesfags idiot; his "church" is essentially a familial coercive religious group. He has also claimed that the 11 September attacks and the casualties of soldiers in Iraq are also divine retribution. Officially listed as a hate group by Southern Poverty Law Center.)

Repent America
Has claimed that Katrina is divine retribution for tolerance of gay/les/bi/trans individuals: (mirrored at

(Repent America is a group run by Michael Marcavaige, who was also formerly the head of the Pennsylvania state branch of the American Family Association. The leader of Repent America has also been thrown out of Phillies games for attempts to disrupt "Gay Day" at Phillies games, and has engaged in Fred Phelps style protests. Currently being investigated as hate group by SPLC. More info on the group at

Christian Life and Liberty
Has claimed that Katrina is divine retribution for operation of women's clinics that provide abortion services: (actual comment mirrored at (requires day pass)).

(Christian Life and Liberty is apparently an antiabortion group based in Mississippi that supports dominionist groups; this link includes links to blatantly Christian Reconstructionist parties such as the "Constitution Party" and "American Heritage Party".

Rev. Dwight McKissic d/b/a Cornerstone Baptist Church (Arlington, TX)
Was at conference with Texas State Governor Rick Perry wherein he claimed that Hurricane Katrina may be divine retribution (because of, among other things, tolerance of gay/les/bi/trans individuals, tolerance of non-dominionist religions such as Voudon, the mere existence of Bourbon Street, etc.): (may require registration or BugMeNot)
Reportedly spoken at conference of "Texas Restoration Project", a sister group of a similar Christian Reconstructionist group in Ohio (more info on previous activity of the Texas group at

(Cornerstone Baptist Church is, as previously noted, heavily involved in dominionist movements; this link documents the "gays are going to send us all to hell" spiel is pretty much standard operating procedure for this church (Operation Rebirth, as an aside, is an *EXCELLENT* resource for learning what dominionist/Avengelical preachers teach their own flock--it's a watchdog groups specifically monitoring dominionist churches that practice hate speech against gay/les/bi/trans individuals). Governor Perry himself is a known dominionist, catering often to Avengelical causes; in the Americans United link, it notes he was at a Justice Sunday-esque event at the same church in question.)

Shadowlands Broadcasting d/b/a WSHO-AM along with unknown dominionist radio network
WHSO-AM is major broadcaster of dominionist/Avengelical programming for the New Orleans area. Per the following article one dominionist station in the NOLA area was broadcasting material claiming Katrina was divine retribution; as WHSO-AM was the only "Christian" broadcaster presently operating in the area and the only American Family Radio affiliate is FM station near Shreveport, WHSO is likely broadcaster via elimination.

This link indicates they carry programming from a number of dominionist/Avengelical radio networks; it is uncertain which network actually broadcasted the material in question. (If anyone has further info, please do not hesitate to update me.)

Rep. Richard Baker, representative for US Congress, district includes Baton Rouge LA
Has stated that Katrina was "God's way" of cleansing New Orleans: (mirror)

(Baker does have links to the dominionist movement, mostly via bankrolling by known dominionist groups.)

Reed Heustis Jr (columnist, The Conservative Voice)
Has claimed that Katrina is "God's wrath" against US:

Julia Bland (director, Louisiana Children's Museum)
Claimed that Katrina may be "God's way of cleansing city":
(You may wish to let the Louisiana Children's Museum board know how you feel about this:

LifeSite News
Noted in support of statements of legislators that Katrina was "God's wrath" on New Orleans:

(LifeSite News is, as best as I can tell, a site set up for the Canadian dominionist community. They seem to be an almost direct clone of American dominionist groups and in fact do have a New York office. Multiple US-based dominionist blogs seem to have mirrored this in support. :P)

Vision America
Has claimed Katrina is "divine retribution" for gay marriage, Fairness ordinances, bestiality (!) as well as the Gaza pullout (the first two and last are, unfortunately, becoming common themes on the "Katrina as Wrath of God" theme by dominionists):

(For those unfamiliar with Vision America, this is the parent group behind the Texas Restoration Project, Ohio Restoration Project et al. Links for info include:
this link
Christian Science Monitor article)
Mainstream Baptist article (the Mainstream Baptists are a breakaway denomination from the Southern Baptist Convention, which has gone hard dominionist).

Vision America is blatantly Christian Reconstructionist, and also has links to the vast majority of dominionist groups (see this link for a veritable "who's who" of dominionism to attend a conference). The Nation has an excellent expose of one of their previous conferences.)

Stan Goodenough
Has claimed Katrina is divine retribution for Gaza pullout, among other things:

(Stan Goodenough is an author mostly focusing on "Christian Zionist" issues--aka dominionist/Avengelical funded Zionist groups. (One of the major parts of the Avengelical/"premillenial" flavours of dominionism is that getting a critical mass of Jews and having the nation of Israel expand to the Biblical maximum of its territory will be one of the "tipping points" that either triggers the Rapture or will show it's Darned Soon.)

Pat Robertson
Has claimed that Hurricane Katrina is divine retribution for allowing abortion:

Has also claimed that Hurricane Katrina is in essence a "divine distraction" that will increase the chance for John Roberts to be nominated as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (Roberts has a great deal of support from dominionist groups as a "stealth dominionist"), and also has a long history of threatening areas with natural disasters; has literally attempted to pray for the death of Supreme Court justices, and has advocated the murder of world leaders:

Has now further claimed (in a similar vein to Hal Lindsey and quoting the latter as support) that Katrina along with other disasters is a sign of the End Times:

(One trusts most readers are familiar with Pat Robertson. Pre-Katrina, he was infamous for calling for the assassination of Venezuela's president, and use of a charity called "Operation Blessing" for traffic in blood diamonds (more info at the the companion list to this one).

Hal Lindsey
Has claimed (via his network Trinity Broadcasting Network) that Hurricane Katrina is divine retribution in a general attempt to "eradicate evil" and as a sign of the End Times: (actual archived text)

(Hal Lindsey is a writer very popular in dominionist and particularly "Avengelical"/"deliverance ministry" circles, most widely known for the book "The Late, Great Planet Earth". One of the particular websites he writes for is WorldNetDaily (a "conservative" news site which is frequented by dominionists) and is a major promoter of various conspiracy schemes in the dominionist/Avengelical community regarding either the USSR or the European Union being the home of the Antichrist.)

Charles Colson
Has claimed that Hurricane Katrina is God's way of showing the US of "the importance of winning the war against terror":

(Chuck Colson was the former advisor to the Nixon administration most particularly linked with the Watergate affair, for which he served prison time; he now heavily promotes a dominionist "prison ministry" targeting people incarcerated. He also served as a political consultant for Pat Robertson (during the latter's attempted run for the presidency), and is heavily connected with the dominionist movement in general: (notes attendance at "Justice Sunday", a dominionist political rally held in a Southern Baptist church in Louisville)

Alabama State Senator Hank Erwin
Has claimed that Katrina was divine retribution for a number of things, including the gambling industry in Mississippi and Louisiana:

(Hank Erwin is a state senator (as in senator of Alabama's state government) who has a very long history of being linked to multiple dominionist causes. Among other things, he has lobbied against same-sex marriage including literally reading from the Bible during state assembly sessions, has lobbied to prohibit same-sex partners from adopting children in the state, has actively attended Christian Coalition rallies in support of known Christian Reconstructionist Roy Moore (including work with a dominionist group called Retaking America which--to put it delicately--is into some serious tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories), has apparently been one of Moore's largest cheerleaders (for even more info, do a Google search for "hank erwin" "roy moore"), apparently is of the "Christian Zionist persuasion" (see this article for details; I would dare say that the Jewish groups in Birmingham may wish to choose better bedfellows, as this is a CLASSIC example of how dominionist groups blatantly exploit the Jewish community), and has called for warning labels on HIV medications admonishing their users to "follow a more responsible lifestyle", and filibustered against a bill that would allow *church bingo* in his state (see this link for more info).

(And this is just his hijinks as a state legislator; before becoming a politician, Hank Erwin apparently was a radio preacher and his show was so virulently full of hatred towards anything non-dominionist that the Birmingham papers described it as an "embarassment". He is apparently the founder of a group called SAV-America (not to be confused with Operation Save America, which is a group Randall Terry runs) that promotes dominionist agendas targeted at "Christian homes" and has worked with the Eagle Forum (example of his own words here); he's also spewed anti-gay hatred in regards to a funeral for a gay man who was murdered for being gay, uses his political office to stump at churches (and potentially endangers their tax exempt status by doing so), has run dominionist rallies with local dominionist darling Roy Moore targeting American soldiers, was pushing the whole Y2K Panic with known nutcase and dominionist Gary North, and STILL stumps on the radio station he formerly used for his radio-preacher gig which also contains other dominionist broadcasting.)

Frank Graham (son of Billy Graham, manager of Billy Graham Ministries)
Has not only insinuated that Katrina is divine retribution (listing specifically the welcoming of the gay/les/bi/trans community and the fact New Orleans has an active Voudonist community) but essentially has stated that the hurricane gives a chance for promotion of dominionism:

(Interestingly, Billy Graham runs a charity called "Shepherd's Purse" which not only requires a statement of faith and specific reference from one's pastor before working there, but also has been already noted as practicing "stealth evangelism" targeted towards Katrina refugees--including children. Shepherd's Purse is listed as one of the Bad Guys in the Big List of hurricane-related charities I maintain.)

George Noory
Has claimed Hurricane Katrina is sign of the "End Times":

(George Noory is present host of Coast to Coast AM, which is the radio show formerly run by Art Bell. The show in general has been traditionally a major outlet for "tinfoil-hat" style theories (including theories the US Armed Forces are engaging in weather manipulation and many, many talks on UFOs) but explicit religious claims of the Rapture are and explicit focus on the paranormal have only really occured since Noory took over the show. Per this link. Dominionist groups are already using this as an example supporting their claims; see this link for an example.)

Avner Boskey via Koenig's International News
Claims that Katrina and other disasters are divine retribution for supposedly anti-Israeli policy including the Gaza pullout:

(Koenig's International News is a site operated by Bill Koenig, a "Christian Zionist" and whose site promotes Christian Zionism under a specifically premillenarian/Avengelical perspective. Avner Boskey claimed to be posting on behalf of, which is a page for an Avengelical/dominionist group in Israel specifically targeting Israelis for conversion to "Messianic Jews". Israel has been so heavily targeted by dominionist "Christian Zionist" and "messianic Jew" (which are essentially "charismatic" Avengelicals who keep kosher) groups that they have proposed restricting missionary activity and have in past thrown out Avengelical groups due to attempts to stir up religious violence (which *really* needs no encouragement in the area).)

Greg Laurie
Has claimed Katrina is divine retribution and also has claimed that Katrina is a sign of the "last days" and furthermore promotes the use of stealth evangelism in hurricane evacuee assistance:

(Greg Laurie is a dominionist preacher at Harvest Christian Fellowship, a large "charismatic" megachurch in California. The church operates its own media empire (including radio programs and a television show on TBN--a "religious" broadcaster affiliated with dominionist movements) and is a major player in the dominionist movement. Greg Laurie himself has been particularly associated with Promise Keepers (which is a coercive religious group).)

Opal Covey (mayoral candidate, Toledo OH
Has claimed Katrina is divine retribution in regards to a threat that if she is not elected Toronto will suffer in similar fashion:

(Covey is a mayoral candidate who is a "self proclaimed minister"--of a decidedly dominionist bent--and has literally claimed God has chosen her as mayor. She has been the subject of controversy in past (partly for wanting to turn much of downtown Toledo into an amusement park) and partly for arrests for animal cruelty due to hoarding). More info here.)

Dr Zane Lawthorn (US senatorial candidate, West Virginia)

Has claimed directly that Katrina is divine retribution against the city of New Orleans:

(Zane Lawthorn is a Republican candidate for the US senator seat in West Virginia presently occupied by Sen. Robert Byrd. Lawthorn is a hardline dominionist per this link, and in fact the entire issues page is a veritable laundry-list of dominionist concerns; he shows just how much of a dominionist apologist he is in his support of dominionist-backed campaigns.)

Mayor Ray Nagin

Has claimed Hurricane Katrina (and Rita and other storms) are divine retribution for "the black community not taking better care of its people" and the war in Iraq:

(Lest I be accused of having a bias, I'm listing even people who would not normally be seen as dominionist sympathisers here. Whilst Nagin isn't a dominionist per se, by spouting off the whole "Katrina Is God's Wrath" he is only encouraging and playing up to the dominionist community who *has* been claiming that not only Katrina, but the tsunami that hit Indonesia last year, Ariel Sharon's career-ending stroke, the Sago mine disaster, etc. are "God's wrath on a sinful nation". Like the URL says, Katrina Is Not Divine Retribution.)

Biblical Witness Fellowship

In an advertisement denouncing the General Synod's endorsement of human rights for LGBT individuals and splits of churches resulting (some largely fomented by a group BWF is connected with--see below) the group not only compared the ongoing crisis in the United Church of Christ with Hurricane Katrina but also claimed both were divinely motivated as "cleanup":

(Biblical Witness Fellowship is one of a multitude of groups associated with the Institute for Religion and Democracy. IRD is probably best known for an ongoing attempt at splits and/or hijacks of multiple mainstream Christian denominations, including the United Methodist Church, the United Church of Christ, the Lutheran Church, and Episcopalian Church in America. The ultimate goal is to hijack these denominations entirely and convert them to dominionist churches (in similar fashion as the Southern Baptist Convention was hijacked by dominionists in the 1990s). Talk2Action has an excellent series on the IRD and how it and its affiliated groups pose a grave threat to mainstream Christianity in this country that is required reading if you are a member of a non-dominionist Christian group in this country.

(Of particular note here--Biblical Witness Fellowship is one of the major groups that is calling for a split of the United Church of Christ and there would likely not *be* talk of a denominational split were it not for IRD groups trying to force one. An example of efforts to try to force a split are documented by UCC pastor John Dorhauer, who has been one of the major parties working to show how the IRD is attempting to destroy non-dominionist Christianity in the US.)

Sympathisers to those in the Hall of Shame:

Rep. Tom Tancredo, representative for US Congress, district includes Castle Rock CO
Has publically advocated denial of aid to NOLA victims:,1299,DRMN_21_4063498,00.html Strongly associated with dominionist and Christian Reconstructionist groups.

STOPP International
Has advocated denial of contraception (both traditional contraception and emergency "morning after" pills) to NOLA refugees: (mirrored at

Senator Rick Santorum
Has proposed fines against NOLA refugees; has also advocated privatisation of the National Weather Service (thereby making it HARDER to obtain hurricane warnings and the like):

(Readers of many groups will be familiar with Santorum's pandering to dominionist groups; in fact, he is so infamous for this that the most common term for "santorum" besides Santorum's name is, well...a euphemism for a byproduct of anal sex.)

Interestingly, at least one group of Jewish "Avengelical"-equivalents also claims Katrina is God's Wrath:,10117,16531338-5001160,00.html

Both groups are in fact associated with "Christian Zionist" groups supported in the Avengelical community (as noted above).


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